By InsureZone | Sep 26, 2019

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fort Worth, Texas-based InsureZone has announced their newest client relationship with Risk Placement Services (RPS), one of the nation’s leading and largest specialty insurance distributors. InsureZone’s suite of insurance operations management software will be the core toolset used by RPS retail agency clients for quoting, binding, and servicing policies within their Standard Lines division.

The InsureZone toolset enables agencies to comparatively rate, quote, bind, issue and service their policies online. “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the InsureTech industry and this is a big win for our tech team,” said InsureZone CEO, John Pergande.

“RPS is a very discriminating customer, and what seemed to make the difference in the selection process was the unparalleled suite of products that we can bring to the table for any insurance operation, and of course we are thrilled to see that a company of this size and sophistication clearly sees the operational benefits.”

InsureZone is a holding company with a distinct combination of software development and insurance services and is dedicated to implementing the best methods for selling and servicing an insurance policy.

The InsureZone software is used by over 25,000 agencies around the U.S. and allows online submissions and real-time rating for personal, commercial and surplus lines. To learn more about InsureZone, visit InsureZone.com or contact CEO, John Pergande at 817-704-2240.